Cookie cutters for every family


Our story

  • *1990*

    The Smolík Company was established in the garage of our family house. In these humble surroundings, in September 1990, we started creating our first cookie cutters and cake moulds. We began with five employees who formed and soldered in their own homes.

  • Boom

    In 1998 we relocated our production to house no. 3 in the square in Svratka. Thanks to our new employees and use of new technologies, we could increase our production and also win favour with new customers. We began to export our products abroad as well.

  • Stability

    Since 2010 our company has been located in a renovated hall in Svratouch. This hall enabled us to radically develop our production. Because of its vast size, we could install modern machines which help us produce a wide variety of cookie cutters, cake moulds and other bakery items.

  • At present

    We supply our products to most European countries and are constantly increasing the amount export. Currently we have about 30 employees.

The place we call home - Žďárské vrchy