Our products are made of quality tinplate, stainless steel or teflon plate. Because of this, our cookie cutters and cake moulds are extremely durable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their quality when you use them to bake gingerbread, cookies and other culinary delights. We have many machines made to measure to suit our needs and therefore we are able to create even the most complicated and diverse of forms. Made strictly in the Czech Republic, our products are a combination of quality and tradition.

Cookie cutters in a variety of shapes



“Based on the review of the technical documentation and the tests conducted, the Engineering Test Institute hereby certifies that the characteristics of the samples of the products concerned have been found to be in conformity with the applicable requirements.”


“The certificate holder met the requirements for the grant of the licence to use the trademark GENUINE CZECH defined by the Endowment Fund ČESKÝ VÝROBEK (NFČV).”